CNC Turning Center E160C Series

HYUNDAI WIA - Machine Tools  CNC Turning Center E160C Series

The CNC Turning Center E160 C Series, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, maximizes productivity by enhancing both technical performance and economic efficiency.

  • Swing over the bed: Ø480 mm;
  • Max. turning length: E160C - 280 mm, E160LC - 510mm, E160LMC - 450 mm;
  • Chuck size: 8″;
  • Bar Capacity: Ø51 mm;
  • Spindle speed: 4,000 r/min;
  • Spindle motor: E160C, E160LC -  11/7.5 kW, E160LMC - 15/11 kW;
  • Travel (X/Z/B): E160C -  165/330 mm, E160LC - 165/530mm, E160LMC - 165/460mm;
  • No. of tools: 10. E160LMC - 12;
High Precision, High Rigidity One-piece Structure
The E160 Series is designed with a 45 degree slanted bed combined with square type and tube type rib structure. This special design enhances rigidity and vibration absorbing capability, allowing powerful cutting with high precision.

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