CNC Turning Center L400C Series

HYUNDAI WIA - Machine Tools  CNC Turning Center L400C Series

L400A Series - Hyundai WIA Heavy Duty Turning Center!

The CNC Turning Center L400 series, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is a Turning Center that maximizes productivity and performance.

  • Chuck size: L400C/L400LC/L400MC/L400LMC - 15'' (Big Bore: 18'', 21'');
  • Max. turning dia.: L400C/L400LC - Ø630 mm, L400MC/L400LMC - Ø560 mm;
  • Live tool: L400MC and L400LMC;
  • Travel (X/Z ос): L400C: 325/1205 mm; L400MC: 320/2200; L400LC: 320/1200 mm;  L400LMC:320/2200 мм;
  • Rapid traverse rate (X/Z ос): L400C/L400МC/L300MC: 20/25 m/min, L400LC/L400LMC:20/20;
  • NC: Fanuc;

Tail stock
The built-in tail stock ensures high accuracy even during heavy duty cutting and can be controlled automatically or manually
Taper : MT#4
Quill Dia. : Ø100 (Ø3.9″)
Quill Travel : 130 mm (5.1″)

Steady Rest(Option)
For long parts, such as shafts, the steady rest increases rigidity and minimizes vibration. When using the Programmable Hydraulic Steady Rest option, the position of the steady rest can be adjusted by the alignment pin connected to the turret. This option enhances the efficiency of the machining process.
Auto Q-Setter
Quick and accurate tool calibration can be done by contacting the tool tip with the sensor. This process is done easily with the use of M-Code and the calibration process takes roughly 30 seconds.

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