Vertical Turning Lathe LV2000 RAM Type

HYUNDAI WIA - Machine Tools  Vertical Turning Lathe LV2000 RAM Type

The Vertical CNC Turning Center LV2000 Series, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is designed to maximize productivity for machining large work.

  • RAM type;
  • Chuck Size: 63'';
  • Max. Turning Diameter: Ø2000;
  • Max. Turning Length: LV2000MF: 950 мм, LV2000MM мм.;
  • RAM head SIze - Turning: 240 mm, Milling: BT50;
  • ATC: 18 (Turning 10 + Milling 7 + Dummy 1);
  • Travel: (X): -250 ~ +1800 mm, (Z): 915 mm, (C): 360°, LV2000MM: (W): 250*3 step);
  • Rapid Traverse Rate: (X/Z) 12/12 m./min. (C): 750°;
  • 3 Step Crosrail (LV2000MM/MF)
  • Max. Torque: 23,242 Nm.
  • Through Spindle Coolant;

Ram Head
Various types of machining are possible with ram head; milling with rotary tool, turning, tapping, drilling, grinding and etc.
Hardened Plate Box Guideway
Highly rigid hardened plate attached box guideway increases rigidity and reduces vibration. Also, linear scales on all axes provided as standard enable precise machining
Rigidity 10% UP compared to standard box guideway.

High Rigidity Table
2 step gear driven table provides excellent performance in all speed ranges, especially in low speed. The spindle is designed for maximum torque of 23,242N・ (17,142.4 lbf・ft)-option, suitable for heavy duty machining.

Highly Rigid Bed Structure
LV2000MF/MM with 63" chuck is optimized for heavy duty cutting. Separate Bed Saddle structure made of cast iron minimizes vibration and thermal displacement

3 Step Crossrail
3 step hydraulic cylinder crossrail(250mm (9.8″)x3) enables minimization of vibration and load by extending the length of the ram depending on the machining area. This unique design allows high performance in heavy duty operations.

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