Double Station Vises

Independent Jaw Movement
Friction pins in the vise jaws allow for independent movement on the lead screw while still providing maximum clamping force.

Low Profile, Light Weight.
Fit more vises on your machine table and watch your parts per cycle soar. Easily machine ten parts in one operation.

More Parts Per Cycle.
A small footprint means you can still max out your table with vises for large batch production. Hold larger parts with the DV510, or load up on smaller parts with the DV56. (Vises come in both imperial and metric options.)
Move Freely.
The center jaw is the fixed position to ensure proper clamping no matter the conditions. Machine different parts on the same vise simultaneously, or simply negate small variations in stock size.

Reversible Jaws.
Have a big part? Jaws can easily reverse to accommodate larger stock. Convert the double-station to a single-station for even more clamping range. One vise, many options.

Gripper Teeth + Dovetail.
Serrated teeth on each jaw provides maximum grip on stock less than HRC 35. For harder material, the built-in dovetail provides exceptional clamping force without the need for a stamping machine and with even less torque.

Convert To Single Station.
Convert to single-station and back in just a few minutes. The vise base has two precision bores that allow for shoulder bolts to lock the back jaw when switching to a single station.

Double Station Vises

Double Station Vises

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