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Aton MI Ltd

Dovetail Fixtures

 - Mechanically locked - Dovetails provide equal in and down force, meaning your pats are held more stable than any other workholding metod;
- Locating / Stop pin for accurancy - Ensures that stock is entered in the fixture while ensuring the stock cannot be forced out of the fixture;
-  Dovetailing a part is a quick, simple machining operay=tion that prepares your stock for our dovetail fixtures/vises.
- 5 th Axis can hold everything from fragle graphite to ultra-hard high temp alloys.
- Effecient material use - Dovetailing reduces the amount of material you need to purchase via traditional clamping methods. Not only do you waste less of your stock, but dovetailing also reduces part deformation due to exessive torque;

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