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Rock Lock Bases - Zero Clamping Point

 Reduce setup times by 80 - 95%!
Designed and built for all 3.4 and 5 axis CNC machines.
Available in two sizes: 52 mm and 96 mm;
Rock Lock bases are compatible with vises from other brands;

Swap Vises and Fixtures Quickly
A standard mounting pattern means you can easily move vises, fixtures, and tooling from machine to machine with little or no setup time.
High Accurancy
Patented free float design ensures equal force on all 4 pull studs guaranteeing repeatability of less than .0003″ (8 microns).

- Standard setup;
- Simplify programming;
- Easy integration;
- Smooth operation;
- Built to last;
- Designed for your machine;
How works:

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