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About Us

We hope that by becoming our client, you will appreciate the quality and benefits of working with a direct importer.
On this website you will find information about the products of our main partners:
HYUNDAI-WIA -  Machine Tools: Lathes, Vertical Centers, Horizontal Centers, 5-axis Centers, Vertical Lathes, Multifunctional Lathes;
EBERLE - Bsndsaw blades for metal: Bimetal bandsaw blades, Carbide bandsaw blades;
HAINBUCH - Clamping systems: clamping heads, chucks, mandrels and many more;
MEBA - Bandsaw Machines;
3NINE - Oil Mist Separators, Oil Skimmers;
ALBERTI UMBERTO - Angular Heads, Rotary Live Tool Holders for Lathes;
TSUDAKOMA - Rotary tables, 4th and 5th axes for CNC vertical centers;
HANWHA - Swiss type CNC machines, Collaborative robots;
PILOUS - Bandsaw Machines;
OK VISE - Low profile clamping systems;
SITI - Gearboxes, Electric motors;
N.KO - Bevelling machines;
SAMCHULLY - Chucks, Vises, Clamping Systems;
EROWA - EDM tool system;
If you are interested in our products, please sens us your inquiry through CONTACTS section.


Presentation - Hyundai WIA Machine Tools:

Sofia, 63 "Shipchenski prohod" blvd, fl. 4


About Us

HYUNDAI-WIA - Machine Tools
Eberle - band saw blades
Jaw Boring Fixtures
Soft Jaws - Hard Jaws
Hanwha - Swiss type CNC automats
Hanwha - Collaborative Robot
PILOUS - Band Saw Machines
MEBA - Band Saw Machines

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