Terms and Conditions

- The technical details and descriptions of the products, indicated in our quotations, brochures and other information, are not binding, if they are not indicated in the order confirmation.
- We have the ownership and copyright of images, projects, calculations and other documents. If the customer wanrs to forward them to third parties or to make copies of them, he must obtain our explicit written permission.
- Neither our sales representatives nor our dealers and sales consultants are authorized to enter into agreements or make binding declarations on our behalf, unless confirmed in writing by us.
- Delivery is ex works -  our warehouse, unless otherwise agreed.
- The delivery times and / or delivery dates we specify in our quotation are only approximate. Only our order confirmations contain binding delivery times. In particular, these deadlines or dates depend on the correct and adequate receipt of our deliveries from our own suppliers. In the event of delay, we undertake the responsibility to inform our customers as soon as possible of the foreseeable delay in delivery.
- In case the payment from our customer is not received in time or non-fulfillment of other essential contractual obligations or the present General Conditions of Purchase, or if we are informed about circumstances that impair the financial stability of the customer, especially payment terminantions, or beginning of bankruptcy procedure, we have the right, regardless of any withdrawal from the contract, to demand payment for all receivables and to hold outstanding deliveries or to make only deliveries against advance payment or guarantee.
- If claims are brought against us as a result of loss or damage during transportation, the cu is entitled to bring such a claim only if:
• the customer has provided evidence that he or she has checked the goods for damage or loss immediately after receipt, and
• the customer makes sure that the loss and / or damage protocol is correctly entered in the shipment documentation before receiving the delivery; and
• the client informs us of such loss or damage as soon as he becomes aware of the loss or damage and prepares the items supplied, together with the entire package, for our verification, if applicable.
- Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the purchase price shall be due upon receipt of the invoice, but no later than 7 calendar days after the date of the invoice.
- All payments are made only to us. Sales consultants and sales representatives are not eligible to accept payments.
- We reserve the right of ownership of the goods until all payments under the delivery contract are received.
- Customer's defect rights require the customer to meet the requirements for verification and the requirements for sending a defect notification.
- In the event of a defect in the goods, we have the right to repair or send replacement delivery at our discretion.

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