Horizontal Machining Center KH50G / 63G

HYUNDAI WIA - Machine Tools  Horizontal Machining Center KH50G / 63G

Horizontal Machining Center KH50G/63G designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, features 2 Step geared spindle for highly rigid and accurate machining to maximize productivity.

  • Large Work Space;
  • Pallet Size: KH50G - 500х500 mm, KH63G - 630x630 mm. ;
  • Max. Loading Capacity: KH50G - 2 - 800 kg., KH63G - 2 - 1000 kg.; 
  • Travel: KH50G -  760 mm X-axis, 705 mm Y-axis, 650 mm Z-axis;  KH63G - 950 mm X-axis, 825 mm Y-axis, 760 mm Z-axis;
  • Rapid Traverse Rate: 20/20/20 м/мин.;
  • Number of Tools: 40 [60, 80, 120];
  • Tool Shank: BT50 [BBT50] [CAT50] [BCV50];
X/Z Axis All-in-One Type Structure
All-in-one bed structure leads to enhanced structural rigidity.

Box Guideway for All Axes
KH50G/63G is designed with box guideways which show great performance in offsetting vibration. Therefore, it is possible to efficiently machine difficult to cut materials into high precision products.

Air Semi-Rising Slide Way
By applying the air semi-rising slideways, the load on the Z-axis slideway is decreased. Therefore, positioning and repeatability accuracy can be maintained for a long time.

KH50G/63G is designed with a 2-step gear drive, which provides high torque at low rpm and stability at high rpm and this enables a wide range of machining.

Shuttle Type APC
Productivity is improved through Shuttle Type APC that makes large sized work piece machining easier.

Column Moving Structure
The Z-axis of the machine is designed with a moving column to prevent table sag. The moving column structure increases rigidity and reduces heat generation. Hence, it shows excellent performance in heavy duty cutting where accuracy and repeatability are maintained.

8-face Contact Y-axis Guideway
Spindle head contacts 8 faces of Y-axis guideway. This new method allows cutting forces generated by the spindle head to be absorbed by the Y-axis box guideways which improves heavy duty cutting ability, accuracy, and surface finish.

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