5 - Axis Vertical Machining Center XF 6300

HYUNDAI WIA - Machine Tools  5 - Axis Vertical Machining Center XF 6300

The XF6300 5-axis vertical machining center in the world-best level, developed by HYUNDAI WIA Europe R&D Center. XF6300 is a perfect blend of machine and technology to realize the ultimate performance in composite machining and mold machining with the highest quality possible resultant of its cutting-edge design features such as the monoblock type bed structure, X/Z axis box-in-box structure, etc.

  • Table: Ø630;
  • Max. Loading Capacity: 600 kg;
  • Travel: 600 mm X-axis, 600 mm Y-axis, 500 mm Z-axis;
  • Rapid Traverse Rate: X/Y/Z, Siemens 840D sl: 60/60/60 m/min;
  • Heidenhain TNC640: 50/50/50 A/C: DDM 70/110 [Gear: 25/25] r/min
  • Number of Tools: 34 [68, 102]
  • Tool Shank: HSK-A63; [40K: HSK - E40]

Column/Bed All-in-One Structure
XF6300 is designed with an integrated one piece column-bed structure provides superior stability when compared with separate structures. The All-in-One structure delivers high rigidity and excellent vibration absorption providing exceptional performance and superior surface finishes.

Box-in-Box Structure (X/Z Axis) 
The Box-in-Box design is a symmetrical structure without overhang facilitating unprecedented speed, accuracy, stability, and acceleration. The ram is captured in the saddle of X-axis which surrounds the spindle cartridge providing a thermally stable structure minimizing thermal distortion. The LM guides and drive systems are constant with the center of gravity providing excellent balance of all motion.

DDM Tilting Rotary Table
The DDM rotary table is designed to embody highly accurate high speed simultaneous 5-axis motion which allows for the machining of complex prismatic parts with
superior accuracy and surface finishes.

Multi Step Rack Type ATC
Tool change time (chip-to-chip) of 4.5 seconds is the best in its class. The rack type tool change mechanism was developed to add unprecedented extra-large capacity tool storage for vastly complex 5 axis machining applications.

The tool magazine and machining area are completely separated by a shutter door to prevent coolant and chip contamination out of the tool storage area maintaining high precision and cleanliness. Minimal tool change distance between the tool changer and work area permits for a rapid tool change. In addition, collision is avoided regardless of A-axis position eliminating the need for homing of A-axis.

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