Vertical Machining Center F500D/DM

HYUNDAI WIA - Machine Tools  Vertical Machining Center F500D/DM

HYUNDAI-WIA F500D /F500DM - Vertical Machining Centers designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest
technology, is a column moving type machining center equipped with Dual Table to maximize productivity.

  • Table: 2-700х500 mm;
  • Max. Load Capacity : 2-350 kg;
  • Travel: F500D: 600mm X-axis, 460mm Y-axis, 570mm Z-axis, F500DM: 600mm X-axis, 350mm Y-axis, 570mm Z-axis;
  • Rapid Traverse Rate: F500D: 40/40/30 m/min, F500DM:40/40/36 m/min ;
  • Number of Tools: F500D: 24 [30], F500DM: 30;
  • Tool Shank: BT40 
  • Slide Type: F500D - X/Y: Roller guide, Z - Box guide; F500DM: Roller guide;

Double Anchored Ball screw
In order to eliminate thermal growth and increase accuracy, all axes are driven by high precision double anchored ballscrews. The double anchored and pretensioned design provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth.

Hybrid Type Slideway
Each axis on F500D is designed with slideways optimized to the axis. Sturdy Box Guide on Z-axis for heavy loads, and Roller Type LM Guides on X and Y axis for optimal travel ability.

Dual Table
High speed 180º index rotating table increases productivity by providing the ability to load and unload on the outer table while processing on the other table.

Belt Type Spindle
The FD Series is equipped with a Belt Type Spindle to ease maintenance and minimize machining noise. The main spindle is designed with P4 Angular Contact Ball Bearings to assure quality during high speed processing, also to stabilize high precision even over long periods of machining.
Direct Type Spindle (F500D)
Spindle Cooling
Through Spindle Coolant
Tool Holders


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