Oil Skimmer SLS

3nine- Oil Skimmers  Oil Skimmer SLS

The SLS oil skimmer gives you high separation of tramp oil and extends the lifetime of your cutting fluids. 
The technique exploits the viscosity differential between oil and cutting fluid, with the more viscous oil clinging to a rotating threaded device, from where it is separated out.
With the screw action oil skimmer you can separate more than twice as much tramp oil per hour than with a traditional belt skimmer while scarcely removing any cutting fluid. Whereas the screw action oil skimmer separates out 1.7 liters of tramp oil, the result for the belt skimmer is just 0.65 liters over the same time.*
This new way of separating tramp oil is highly effective, gives you minimal loss of cutting fluids and has low maintenance requirements, low operating costs and a compact design.These stopper modules have at least one jaw which is diamond coated (D). In the RMS-D model both jaws have a diamond coating, while RMS-DS has one jaw that is smooth. 

Technical information:

 Oil Skimmer SLS

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