Oil Skimmer MOS

3nine- Oil Skimmers  Oil Skimmer MOS

The MOS-type oil skimmer is developed for applications with many solid particles. It separates the tramp oil effectively and extends the lifetime of your cutting fluid.
The technique exploits the viscosity differential between oil and cutting fluid. The tramp oil has greater viscosity than the cutting fluid and will therefore cling to the rotating spiral. The oil is transported upwards and is continuously scraped off into a tank by a rotating metal plate that is attached to the top of the spiral.
This new way of separating tramp oil is highly effective, gives you minimal loss of cutting fluids and has low maintenance requirements, low operating costs and a compact design.
The MOS-type oil skimmer has a capacity of 0.026 gal/h (100 ml/h) depending on the amount of oil and its viscosity.

Technical information:

Oil Skimmer MOS

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