Vertical Turning Lathe LV1100 Series

HYUNDAI WIA - Machine Tools  Vertical Turning Lathe LV1100 Series

Тhe CNC Turning Center LV Series, designed by Hyundai WIA with years of expertise and the latest technology, is designed to maximize productivity by high speed and accurate performance.
LV580R/L  - Standard Version;
LV800RM/LM - With Live Tool;
  • Left - Control Panel (L) and Right Control Panel (R);
  • Chuck Size: 32'' [40''];
  • Max. Turning Diameter: Ø1160;
  • Max. Turning length: 1000 mm;
  • Box Guideways;
  • Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Z): 24/24 m./min.;
  • Travel (X/Z): 620/1000 mm;
  • Moving Column Design - maintain superior accuarcy when turning larger work peces;
  • Step Type - Body Structure;

All axes of the LV1100 Series feature box guideways. Box guideways provide long term rigidity and accuracy even during.

BMT Turret
The BMT holder is solidly fastened with 4 screws and shows excellent performance during heavy duty cutting. It also performs well in milling, drilling and tapping operations.

Ball Screw
In order to eliminate thermal growth and increase accuracy, all axes are driven by high precision double anchored ballscrews. The double anchored and pretensioned design provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. Also ball screws are directly connected to the servo drive motors to eliminate backlash.

Step Type Bed Structure
For the LV1100 Series, the column feed unit of the bed is designed to form steps, so that the load generated in the front during machining operations may be minimized. Also, by optimizing the weight of the column, feed stability is enhanced.

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Vertical Turning Lathe LV1100 Series
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