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CNC Turning Center L230A / L230C Series

HYUNDAI-WIA - Machine Tools  CNC Turning Center L230A / L230C Series

Technical Leader
Versatile, High Production CNC Turning Centers!

  • Shortened cycle time to improve productivity;
  • Adequate machine structure to produce various products;
  • Adopted angular ball bearing to maintain high-rigidity and low heat absortion;
  • Strengthened Equipment Sturdiness through Structural Analysis;
  • 6" sub chuck expands cutting capacity (L230LMSA);
  • Applied BMT turret to cut heavy-duty products (Mill Turret Attachment Machine);

L230LMSA - Sub Spindle
The 6” sub spindle with C axis, offers 0.001° unit of index and is driven by the ZB axis ball screw and servo motor, to ensure high precision and accuracy. Movement of the workpiece between the two spindles is performed in the rotating state by a synchronized control to reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

High Precision, High Rigidity All-In-One Type of Bed
The L230 Series features a 45° slant bed design which was developed using finite element
analysis (FEA) to absorb vibration and minimize thermal growth, ensures a stable platform for
powerful, precise cutting capabilities.
Integrated Cutting Oil Tank
The structure of the cutting oil tank has been changed from the detached type to the integrated
type to prevent the overflow of the cutting oil and the clogging of the hose. Further, removal of the
chips is possible from the right side of the equipment, which enhances the chip-treating capability.

Sturdiness of the bed enhansed by 24% through analysis.
Reduction of non-cutting time by fast rapid speed.


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